Manifesto of the UCL

Values for a New World

The advent of a libertarian society would not mean the end of history and the establishment of an “earthly paradise” ; relations of domination could persist or resurface. It will remain important to highlight values, to continue to question operations, practices, and probably to lead struggles.

Observations de tritons pendant la manif de victoire à Notre-Dame-des-Landes, en février 2018.
cc Daniel Maunoury

Libertarian communism aims to articulate as harmoniously as possible our need to belong to a collective and our aspirations to be recognized and respected in our singularity. What we aim for is a society where « each to their own » is replaced by cooperation and mutual aid. A society where there are no longer those who possess, and those who have nothing or little. A society where there are neither rich nor poor. A society where the orders of ruling minorities are swept away by collective, free and assumed choices. A society where the individual, the local, the collective, the social, the cultural are balanced and mutually supportive : an egalitarian and anarchist society.

Equality and freedom can only be effective in a real democracy that prevents the reconstitution of new powers and new oppressions, that allows everyone to assert their choices and aspirations. Libertarian communism is horizontal and direct democracy ; the sovereign people self-institute society, self-govern its politics, self-manage its production, and more globally determine its collective needs and the ways to meet them.

The self-management of production, freed from the imperatives of productivism and the race for profit, can finally put research and technical advances at the service of individuals. Respectful of the environment, it opens the way to a new relationship that reintegrates the human community into the balance of ecosystems.

Because it satisfies collective needs and is no longer inscribed in a relation of exploitation, work can become meaningful, lose its alienating character, and allow each and everyone to gain control over their activities.

Individual and collective emancipations are inseparable

Satisfying the needs expressed in a society in an egalitarian way, based on the emancipation of individuals and grassroots communities, does not mean levelling or standardization, and respects the multiplicity of lifestyles, tastes and aspirations.

Libertarian communism is the fight for a society where individuals are free, equal and responsible. Free in a world where material necessities are weighed down, and in a society where people participate in common tasks and collective responsibilities. Free to express themselves, to create ; free of their lifestyles, their sexualities, their cultures. Responsible, masters of their work, participating alongside everyone else in the self-management of production and society. Equal to all, thus having equal access to the distribution of the products of work.

In order to foster empowerment and responsibility taking, a self-managed society must make effective access to education, information and culture on an emancipatory basis.

Libertarian communism is the end of a certain world order. The end of colonialism and imperialism, in favour of an egalitarian and supportive relationship between all peoples, based on the productive autonomy of each region, and the sharing of wealth between rich and poor areas. The end of the state order, in favour of a free federation of self-managed regions. The end of borders and the threat of war, for a world without barriers and totally demilitarized.

Defending an ethic

The advent of a libertarian communist society would not mean the end of history and the establishment of an "earthly paradise ; relations of domination could subsist or re-emerge. It will remain important to put forward values, keep on questioning our functionings, our practices, and probably lead struggles.

All of these values imply a coherence between means and ends without which there is no hope of living libertarian communism. This is why, without waiting for a revolutionary changeover, we try to make the ends live here and now, in our actions and commitments, in and nearby the places we live, and in our struggles.


Manifesto of the UCL
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